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Room-temperature remote-plasma sputtering of c-axis oriented zinc oxide thin films

García-Gancedo, L and Pedrós, J and Zhu, Z and Flewitt, AJ and Milne, WI and Luo, JK and Ford, CJB (2012) Room-temperature remote-plasma sputtering of c-axis oriented zinc oxide thin films. Journal of Applied Physics, 112. ISSN 0021-8979

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Highly c-axis oriented ZnO films have been deposited at room temperature with high rates (∼50 nm·min -1 ) using an innovative remote plasma sputtering configuration, which allows independent control of the plasma density and the sputtering ion energy. The ZnO films deposited possess excellent crystallographic orientation, high resistivity ( > 10 9 Ω·m), and exhibit very low surface roughness. The ability to increase the sputtering ion energy without causing unwanted Ar + bombardment onto the substrate has been shown to be crucial for the growth of films with excellent c-axis orientation without the need of substrate heating. In addition, the elimination of the Ar + bombardment has facilitated the growth of films with very low defect density and hence very low intrinsic stress (100 MPa for 3 μm-thick film s). This is over an order of magnitude lower than films grown with a standard magnetron sputtering system. © 2012 American Institute of Physics.

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