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Automated Detection of Concrete Columns from Visual Data

Zhu, Z and Brilakis, I (2009) Automated Detection of Concrete Columns from Visual Data. In: ASCE International Workshop on Computing in Civil Engineering, 2009-6-24 to 2009-6-27, Austin, TX, United States of America pp. 135-142..

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After earthquakes, licensed inspectors use the established codes to assess the impact of damage on structural elements. It always takes them days to weeks. However, emergency responders (e.g. firefighters) must act within hours of a disaster event to enter damaged structures to save lives, and therefore cannot wait till an official assessment completes. This is a risk that firefighters have to take. Although Search and Rescue Organizations offer training seminars to familiarize firefighters with structural damage assessment, its effectiveness is hard to guarantee when firefighters perform life rescue and damage assessment operations together. Also, the training is not available to every firefighter. The authors therefore proposed a novel framework that can provide firefighters with a quick but crude assessment of damaged buildings through evaluating the visible damage on their critical structural elements (i.e. concrete columns in the study). This paper presents the first step of the framework. It aims to automate the detection of concrete columns from visual data. To achieve this, the typical shape of columns (long vertical lines) is recognized using edge detection and the Hough transform. The bounding rectangle for each pair of long vertical lines is then formed. When the resulting rectangle resembles a column and the material contained in the region of two long vertical lines is recognized as concrete, the region is marked as a concrete column surface. Real video/image data are used to test the method. The preliminary results indicate that concrete columns can be detected when they are not distant and have at least one surface visible.

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