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Innovative Stereo Vision-Based Approach to Generate Dense Depth Map of Transportation Infrastructure

Rashidi, A and Fathi, H and Brilakis, I (2011) Innovative Stereo Vision-Based Approach to Generate Dense Depth Map of Transportation Infrastructure. Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, 2215 /. pp. 93-99. ISSN 0361-1981

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Three-dimensional (3-D) spatial data of a transportation infrastructure contain useful information for civil engineering applications, including as-built documentation, on-site safety enhancements, and progress monitoring. Several techniques have been developed for acquiring 3-D point coordinates of infrastructure, such as laser scanning. Although the method yields accurate results, the high device costs and human effort required render the process infeasible for generic applications in the construction industry. A quick and reliable approach, which is based on the principles of stereo vision, is proposed for generating a depth map of an infrastructure. Initially, two images are captured by two similar stereo cameras at the scene of the infrastructure. A Harris feature detector is used to extract feature points from the first view, and an innovative adaptive window-matching technique is used to compute feature point correspondences in the second view. A robust algorithm computes the nonfeature point correspondences. Thus, the correspondences of all the points in the scene are obtained. After all correspondences have been obtained, the geometric principles of stereo vision are used to generate a dense depth map of the scene. The proposed algorithm has been tested on several data sets, and results illustrate its potential for stereo correspondence and depth map generation.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: stereo matching depth map similarity criteria epipolar line infrastructure
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