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Autoignition of monodisperse biodiesel and diesel sprays in turbulent flows

Gordon, RL and Mastorakos, E (2012) Autoignition of monodisperse biodiesel and diesel sprays in turbulent flows. Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, 43. pp. 40-46. ISSN 0894-1777

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A new experimental configuration has been developed to examine the effects of flow on the autoignition of dilute diesel and biodiesel sprays, where the spray is injected in the form of monodisperse individual droplets at right angles to a hot air turbulent flow. The ignition location has been measured by monitoring the OH * chemiluminescence. A qualitative comparison of the flame behaviour between ethanol, acetone, heptane and biodiesel as fuels has also been carried out. With decreasing volatility of the fuel, the flame showed progressively a higher number of individual droplets burning, with the first autoignition spots appearing at random locations but in general earlier than the intense droplet-flame emission. The time-averaged autoignition length increased with increasing air velocity and with increasing intensity of the turbulence, while it decreased with the temperature and the droplet size. The data can be used for validating models for two-phase turbulent combustion. © 2012 Elsevier Inc.

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