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Interaction between tsunami waves and isolated conical Islands

Chen, JM and Liang, D and Tang, H (2012) Interaction between tsunami waves and isolated conical Islands. Journal of Coastal Research, 28. pp. 1270-1278. ISSN 0749-0208

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A newly developed computer model, which solves the horizontal two-dimensional Boussinesq equations using a total variation diminishing Lax-Wendroff scheme, has been used to study the runup of solitary waves, with various heights, on idealized conical islands consisting of side slopes of different angles. This numerical model has first been validated against high-quality laboratory measurements of solitary wave runups on a uniform plane slope and on an isoliated conical island, with satisfactory agreement being achieved. An extensive parametric study concerning the effects of the wave height and island slope on the solitary wave runup has subsequently been carried out. Strong wave shoaling and diffraction effects have been observed for all the cases investigated. The relationship between the runup height and wave height has been obtained and compared with that for the case on uniform plane slopes. It has been found that the runup on a conical island is generally lower than that on a uniform plane slope, as a result of the two-dimensional effect. The correlation between the runup with the side slope of an island has also been identified, with higher runups on milder slopes. This comprehensive study on the soliton runup on islands is relevant to the protection of coastal and inland regions from extreme wave attacks. © the Coastal Education & Research Foundation 2012.

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DOI: 10.2112/JCOASTRES-D-11-00188.1