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An integrated model of rolling tyre vibrations on a smooth road

Lenoach, B and Graham, WR (2011) An integrated model of rolling tyre vibrations on a smooth road. 40th International Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering 2011, INTER-NOISE 2011, 1. pp. 571-576.

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We describe new results on the vibrations of rolling tyres, aimed at noise prediction for tyres of given design on a smooth road surface. This new approach incorporates our existing models, of smooth road-tyre interaction and belt vibration but includes additional features that are required for real tyre patterns. To this end, the model allows variable tread block size and grooves along the belt circumference; the density and angle of these grooves may also vary laterally. The key innovation is to treat the tyre belt as a laterally stacked series of rings, each of which is equipped with a set of viscoelastic springs around its circumference. It is shown how to use this construction to mimic the details of actual tyre patterns and, in conjunction with existing models, predict belt vibrations. The construction is applied to develop a ring discretisation for a real tyre that shows strong lateral variations. It is shown that the vibration amplitude is concentrated on a set of parallel lines in frequency-wavenumber space and that the tread pattern dictates the occurrence and spacing of these lines. Linkage to a boundary element calculation then allows quantification of the influence of tread parameters on radiated noise. Keywords: Vibration, tread pattern, tyre noise. Copyright © (2011) by the Institute of Noise Control Engineering.

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