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YBCO single grains seeded by 45° - 45° bridge-seeds of different lengths

Shi, Y and Durrell, JH and Dennis, AR and Cardwell, DA YBCO single grains seeded by 45° - 45° bridge-seeds of different lengths. (Unpublished)

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Single grain, (RE)BCO bulk superconductors in large or complicated geometries are required for a variety of potential applications, such as motors and generators and magnetic shielding devices. As a result, top, multi-seeded, melt growth (TMSMG) has been investigated over the past two years in an attempt to enlarge the size of (RE)BCO single grains specifically for such applications. Of these multi-seeding techniques, so-called bridge seeding provides the best alignment of two seeds in a single grain growth process. Here we report, for the first time, the successful growth of YBCO using a special, 45{\deg} - 45{\deg}, arrangement of bridge-seeds. The superconducting properties, including trapped field, of the multi-seeded YBCO grains have been measured for different bridge lengths of the 45{\deg}- 45{\deg} bridge-seeds. The boundaries at the impinging growth front and the growth features of the top, multi-seeded surface and cross-section of the multi-seeded, samples have been analysed using optical microscopy. The results suggest that an impurity-free boundary between the two seeds of each leg of the bridge-seed can form when 45{\deg}- 45{\deg} bridge-seeds are used to enlarge the size of YBCO grains.

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