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Design consideration of a circular type magnetic flux pump device

Wang, W and Zhang, M and Hsu, C and Coombs, T (2012) Design consideration of a circular type magnetic flux pump device. IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, 22. ISSN 1051-8223

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As a variation of the thermally actuated flux pump and the linear type magnetic flux pump (LTMFP), the circular type magnetic flux pump (CTMFP) device is proposed to magnetize a circular shape type-II superconducting thin film and bulk. The basic concept is the same as the thermally actuated flux pump: a circularly symmetric traveling magnetic field is generated below a circular shape superconductor to increase its trapping field. However, this traveling field is created by the three phase windings instead of heating gadolinium block. Apart from the LTMFP, the three phase windings are wound concentrically instead of linearly. The speed of the traveling field is controlled by the AC frequency and the magnitude of the field is controlled by the magnitudes of AC currents. In addition, a coil with DC current is wound around the three phase windings to provide a background field. The concept design is presented in this paper. The magnetic waveforms are analysed numerically by the COMSOL 3.5a software. The impedances of the three phase windings are calculated and a corresponding circuit design is presented. This rig can be used as an advanced tool to study the flux pump behavior of a circular shape superconductor. © 2002-2011 IEEE.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Magnetization phase control three phase electric power type-II superconductor
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DOI: 10.1109/TASC.2011.2177790