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RFID Tag Interrogation Systems

UNSPECIFIED (2010) RFID Tag Interrogation Systems. doi:.

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We describe an RFID tag reading system for reading one or more RFID Tags, the system comprising an RF transmitter and an RF receiver, a plurality of transmit/receive antennas coupled to said RF transmitter and to said RF receiver, to provide spatial transmit/receive signal diversity, and a tag signal decoder coupled to at least said RF receiver, wherein said system is configured to combine received RF signals from said antennas to provide a combined received RF signal, wherein said RF receiver has said combined received RF signal as an input; wherein said antennas are spaced apart from one another sufficiently for one said antenna not to be within the near field of another said antenna, wherein said system is configured to perform a tag inventory cycle comprising a plurality of tag read rounds to read said tags, a said tag read round comprising transmission of one or more RF tag interrogation signals simultaneously from said plurality of antennas and receiving a signal from one or more of said tags, a said tag read round having a set of time slots during which a said tag is able to transmit tag data including a tag ID for reception by said antenna, and wherein said system is configured to perform, during a said tag inventory cycle, one or both of: a change in a frequency of said tag interrogation signals transmitted simultaneously from said plurality of antennas, and a change in a relative phase of a said RF tag interrogation signals transmitted from one of said antennas with respect to another of said antennas.

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