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The night purging of a two-storey atrium building

Lynch, PM and Hunt, GR (2011) The night purging of a two-storey atrium building. Building and Environment, 46. pp. 144-155. ISSN 0360-1323

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We examine the fluid mechanics of night purging in a two-storey naturally ventilated atrium building. We develop a mathematical model of a simplified atrium building and focus on the rate at which warm air purges from each storey and the atrium by displacement ventilation into a still cool night environment of a constant temperature. To develop a first insight into how the geometry of the building influences the rate at which warm air purges from each storey via the atrium we neglect heat exchange with the fabric (so there is no thermal buffering) and furthermore assume that the warm air layers in each storey and the atrium are of uniform temperature. The plumes of warm air that rise from the storeys into the atrium, causing the atrium to fill with warm air, have a very strong influence on the night purge. Modelling these as axisymmetric turbulent plumes, we identify three forms of purging behaviour. Each purge is characterised by five key times identified in the progression of the night purge and physical rationale for these differing behaviours is given. An interface velocity deficit and volumetric purge deficit are introduced as measures of the efficiency of a night purge. © 2010 Elsevier Ltd.

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