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Site-selective chemoenzymatic construction of synthetic glycoproteins using endoglycosidases

Fernández-González, M and Boutureira, O and Bernardes, GJL and Chalker, JM and Young, MA and Errey, JC and Davis, BG (2010) Site-selective chemoenzymatic construction of synthetic glycoproteins using endoglycosidases. Chemical Science, 1. pp. 709-715. ISSN 2041-6520

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Combined chemical tagging followed by Endo-A catalysed elongation allows access to homogeneous, elaborated glycoproteins. A survey of different linkages and sugars demonstrated not only that unnatural linkages can be tolerated but they can provide insight into the scope of Endo-A transglycosylation activity. S-linked GlcNAc-glycoproteins are useful substrates for Endo-A extensions and display enhanced stability to hydrolysis at exposed sites. O-CH -triazole-linked GlcNAc-glycoproteins derived from azidohomoalanine-tagged protein precursors were found to be optimal at sterically demanding sites. © The Royal Society of Chemistry. 2

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DOI: 10.1039/c0sc00265h