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Electrochemical modification of grapheme

Sundaram, RS and Gómez-Navarro, C and Balasubramanian, K and Burghard, M and Kern, K (2008) Electrochemical modification of grapheme. Advanced Materials, 20. pp. 3050-3053. ISSN 0935-9648

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Controlled elelctrochemical modification of individual chemically derived graphene layers by electrodeposition of palladium nanoparticles were presented. Individual monolayers of graphene, obtained through reduction of graphene oxide by H2 plasma, were electrically contacted by Ti/Au electrodes on Si/SiO2 substrates. The resistance of bare graphene displays a maximum at a gate voltage of approximately +40V, while the overall charge transport in graphene is dominated by carrier hopping through defective regions of graphene sheets. The resistance maximum of Pd-modified graphene is strongly shifted toward negative gate voltages. The Pd-modified sample graphene layers display an increased relative resistance upon interaction of water, followed by a decrease upon exposure to H2.

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Divisions: Div B > Solid State Electronics and Nanoscale Science
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DOI: 10.1002/adma.200800198