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Closely correlating lower and upper bound plastic analysis of real slabs

Jackson, AM and Middleton, CR (2013) Closely correlating lower and upper bound plastic analysis of real slabs. Structural Engineer, 91. pp. 34-40. ISSN 1466-5123

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An engineer assessing the load-carrying capacity of an existing reinforced concrete slab is likely to use elastic analysis to check the load at which the structure might be expected to fail in flexure or in shear. In practice, many reinforced concrete slabs are highly ductile in flexure, so an elastic analysis greatly underestimates the loads at which they fail in this mode. The use of conservative elastic analysis has led engineers to incorrectly condemn many slabs and therefore to specify unnecessary and wasteful flexural strengthening or replacement. The lower bound theorem is based on the same principles as the upper bound theorem used in yield line analysis, but any solution that rigorously satisfies the lower bound theorem is guaranteed to be a safe underestimate of the collapse load. Jackson presented a rigorous lower bound method that obtains very accurate results for complex real slabs.

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