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Autoignition of alcohols and ethers in a rapid compression machine

Lee, D and Hochgreb, S and Keck, JC (1993) Autoignition of alcohols and ethers in a rapid compression machine. SAE Technical Papers.

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The autoignition characteristics of methanol, ethanol and MTBE (methyl tert-butyl ether) have been investigated in a rapid compression machine at pressures in the range 20-40 atm and temperatures within 750-1000 K. All three oxygenated fuels tested show higher autoignition temperatures than paraffins, a trend consistent with the high octane number of these fuels. The autoignition delay time for methanol was slightly lower than predicted values using reported reaction mechanisms. However, the experimental and measured values for the activation energy are in very good agreement around 44 kcal/mol. The measured activation energy for ethanol autoignition is in good agreement with previous shock tube results (31 kcal/mol), although ignition times predicted by the shock tube correlation are a factor of three lower than the measured values. The measured activation energy for MTBE, 41.4 kcal/mol, was significantly higher than the value previously observed in shock tubes (28.1 kcal/mol). The onset of preignition, characterized by a slow energy release prior to early ignition was observed in some instances. Possible reasons for these ocurrences are discussed. © Copyright 1993 Society of Automotive engineers, Inc.

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