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Ultrafast dynamics of exciton formation in semiconductor nanowires.

Yong, CK and Joyce, HJ and Lloyd-Hughes, J and Gao, Q and Tan, HH and Jagadish, C and Johnston, MB and Herz, LM (2012) Ultrafast dynamics of exciton formation in semiconductor nanowires. Small, 8. pp. 1725-1731.

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The dynamics of free electron-hole pairs and excitons in GaAs-AlGaAs-GaAs core-shell-skin nanowires is investigated using femtosecond transient photoluminescence spectroscopy at 10 K. Following nonresonant excitation, a bimolecular interconversion of the initially generated electron-hole plasma into an exciton population is observed. This conducting-to-insulating transition appears to occur gradually over electron-hole charge pair densities of 2-4 × 10(16) cm(-3) . The smoothness of the Mott transition is attributed to the slow carrier-cooling during the bimolecular interconversion of free charge carriers into excitons and to the presence of chemical-potential fluctuations leading to inhomogeneous spectral characteristics. These results demonstrate that high-quality nanowires are model systems for investigating fundamental scientific effects in 1D heterostructures.

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