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Biomimetic mineral-protein composites formed by an automated alternate soaking process

Armitage, OE and Strange, DGT and Oyen, ML (2012) Biomimetic mineral-protein composites formed by an automated alternate soaking process. Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings, 1419. pp. 1-6. ISSN 0272-9172

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Biomineralized composite materials found in nature have a compromise of good mechanical properties and relatively small embodied energies in the process of their formation. The Alternate Soaking Process (ASP) is a laboratory technique that has only recently been applied to replicating composite biomineralization. The nexus of the ASP - heterogeneous nucleation - makes it ideal for replicating biominerals where the mineral is templated onto an organic substrate, such as occurs in avian eggshell. Here we demonstrate the deposition of a calcium carbonate gelatin composite on either glass cover slips or demineralized eggshell membranes using an automated ASP. SEM images and FTIR spectra of the resulting mineral show that by altering the amount of gelatin in the growth solutions the final organic component can be controlled accurately in the range of 1-10%, similar to that of natural eggshell. This study shows for the first time the co-precipitation of a CaCO 3 - gelatin composite by an ASP and that the organic fraction of this mineral can be tuned to mimic that of natural biomineralized composites. © 2012 Materials Research Society.

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