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Comparison of Micro-Vortex generators in supersonic flows

Nolan, WR and Babinsky, H (2012) Comparison of Micro-Vortex generators in supersonic flows. 6th AIAA Flow Control Conference 2012.

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An experimental comparison of several vortex generator geometries was conducted at Mach 1.5, 1.8, and 2.5 to better understand downstream vortex development as a function of device shape and Mach number. The devices had heights less than that of the boundary-layer ("micro"-vortex generators) and were either vane-shaped or of the alternative microramp geometry. LDV was used to measure two components of velocity at several stations downstream of the devices. The velocity data were then fitted to a vortex model so that vortex parameters such as circulation, core radius, and trajectory were estimated. Mach number dependence was seen for all parameters. Vortex height and core radius both tended to decrease slightly with increasing Mach number. A critical vane angle for maximum circulation was observed and also decreased with increasing Mach number. Circulation was seen to scale with wall-friction velocity for Mach 1.5 and 1.8 but not 2.5. © 2012 by W.R. Nolan and H. Babinsky.

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