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Micro-architectured solids: From blast resistant structures to morphing wings

Fleck, NA (2013) Micro-architectured solids: From blast resistant structures to morphing wings. Mechanics Down Under - Proceedings of the 22nd International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, ICTAM 2008. pp. 57-65.

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Classes of lattice material are reviewed, and their fracture response is explored in the context of the core of a sandwich panel. Attention is focussed on the strength of a sandwich plate with centre-cracked core made from an elastic-brittle square lattice. Predictions are summarised for the un-notched strength of the sandwiched core and for the fracture toughness of the lattice under remote tension, remote compression or remote shear. It is assumed that the lattice fails when the local stress in the cell walls attains the tensile or compressive strength of the solid, or when local buckling occurs. The local failure mechanism that dictates the unnotched strength may be different from that dictating the fracture toughness. Fracture mechanism maps are generated in order to reveal the dominant local failure mechanism for any given cell wall material.

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