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Novel nanostructured carbon nanotube electron sources

Cole, MT and Mann, M and Li, C and Hou, K and Zhang, Y and Qing, X and Teo, KBK and Unalan, HE and Lei, W and Wang, B and Chu, D and Pribat, D and Legagneux, P and Gangloff, L and Semet, V and Hiralal, P and Amaratunga, GAJ and Milne, WI (2012) Novel nanostructured carbon nanotube electron sources. pp. 41-74.

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In this chapter, we present a review of our continuing efforts toward the development of discrete, low-dimensional nanostructured carbon-based electron emitters. Carbon nanotubes and nanofibers, herein referred to simply as CNTs, are one-dimensional carbon allotropes formed from cylindrically rolled and nested graphene sheets, have diameters between 1 and 500 nm and lengths of up to several millimeters, and are perfect candidates for field emission (FE) applications. By virtue of their extremely strong sp2 C-C bonding, intrinsic to the graphene hexagonal lattice, CNTs have demonstrated impressive chemical inertness, unprecedented thermal stabilities, significant resistance to electromigration, and exceptionally high axial current carrying capacities, even at elevated temperatures. These near ideal cold cathode electron emitters have incredibly high electric field enhancing aspect ratios combined with virtual point sources of the order of a few nanometers in size. The correct integration and judicious development of suitable FE platforms based on these extraordinary molecules is critical and will ultimately enable enhanced technologies. This chapter will review some of the more recent platforms, devices and structures developed by our group, as well as our contributions towards the development of industry-scalable technologies for ultra-high-resolution electron microscopy, portable x-ray sources, and flexible environmental lighting technologies. © 2012 by Pan Stanford Publishing Pte. Ltd. All rights reserved.

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