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On high-frequency noise scattering by aerofoils in flow

Ayton, LJ and Peake, N (2013) On high-frequency noise scattering by aerofoils in flow. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 734. pp. 144-182. ISSN 0022-1120

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Abstract A theoretical model is developed for the sound scattered when a sound wave is incident on a cambered aerofoil at non-zero angle of attack. The model is based on the linearization of the Euler equations about a steady subsonic flow, and is an adaptation of previous work which considered incident vortical disturbances. Only high-frequency sound waves are considered. The aerofoil thickness, camber and angle of attack are restricted such that the steady flow past the aerofoil is a small perturbation to a uniform flow. The singular perturbation analysis identifies asymptotic regions around the aerofoil; local 'inner' regions, which scale on the incident wavelength, at the leading and trailing edges of the aerofoil; Fresnel regions emanating from the leading and trailing edges of the aerofoil due to the coalescence of singularities and points of stationary phase; a wake transition region downstream of the aerofoil leading and trailing edge; and an outer region far from the aerofoil and wake. An acoustic boundary layer on the aerofoil surface and within the transition region accounts for the effects of curvature. The final result is a uniformly-valid solution for the far-field sound; the effects of angle of attack, camber and thickness are investigated. © 2013 Cambridge University Press.

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