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Mechanical characterisation of hydrogel materials

Oyen, ML (2014) Mechanical characterisation of hydrogel materials. International Materials Reviews, 59. pp. 44-59. ISSN 0950-6608

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Interest in hydrogel materials is growing rapidly, due to the potential for hydrogel use in tissue engineering and drug delivery applications, and as coatings on medical devices. However, a key limitation with the use of hydrogel materials in many applications is their relatively poor mechanical properties compared with those of (less biocompatible) solid polymers. In this review, basic chemistry, microstructure and processing routes for common natural and synthetic hydrogel materials are explored first. Underlying structure-properties relationships for hydrogels are considered. A series of mechanical testing modalities suitable for hydrogel characterisation are next considered, including emerging test modalities, such as nanoindentation and atomic force microscopy (AFM) indentation. As the data analysis depends in part on the material's constitutive behaviour, a series of increasingly complex constitutive models will be examined, including elastic, viscoelastic and theories that explicitly treat the multiphasic poroelastic nature of hydrogel materials. Results from the existing literature on aga r and polyacrylamide mechanical properties are compiled and compared, highlighting the challenges and uncertainties inherent in the process of gel mechanical characterisation. © 2014 Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining and ASM International.

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