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Scalar gradient behaviour in MILD combustion

Minamoto, Y and Swaminathan, N (2014) Scalar gradient behaviour in MILD combustion. Combustion and Flame, 161. pp. 1063-1075. ISSN 0010-2180

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The results of three-dimensional Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS) of Moderate, Intense Low-oxygen Dilution (MILD) and conventional premixed turbulent combustion conducted using a skeletal mechanism including the effects of non-unity Lewis numbers and temperature dependent transport properties are analysed to investigate combustion characteristics using scalar gradient information. The DNS data is also used to synthesise laser induced fluorescence (LIF) signals of OH, CH 2 O, and CHO. These signals are analysed to verify if they can be used to study turbulent MILD combustion and it has been observed that at least two (OH and CH 2 O) LIF signals are required since the OH increase across the reaction zone is smaller in MILD combustion compared to premixed combustion. The scalar gradient PDFs conditioned on the reaction rate obtained from the DNS data and synthesised LIF signals suggests a strong gradient in the direction normal to the MILD reaction zone with moderate reaction rate implying flamelet combustion. However, the PDF of the normal gradient is as broad as for the tangential gradient when the reaction rate is high. This suggests a non-flamelet behaviour, which is due to interaction of reaction zones. The analysis of the conditional PDFs for the premixed case confirms the expected behaviour of scalar gradient in flamelet combustion. It has been shown that the LIF signals synthesised using 2D slices of DNS data also provide very similar insights. These results demonstrate that the so-called flameless combustion is not an idealised homogeneous reactive mixture but has common features of conventional combustion while containing distinctive characteristics. © 2013 The Combustion Institute.

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