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Wave propagation in a slowly-varying duct with mean vortical swirling flow

Cooper, AJ and Peake, N (2001) Wave propagation in a slowly-varying duct with mean vortical swirling flow. 7th AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference and Exhibit.

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The propagation of unsteady disturbances in a slowlyvarying cylindrical duct carrying mean swirling flow is investigated using a multiple-scales technique. This is applicable to turbomachinery flow behind a rotor stage when the swirl and axial velocities are of the same order. The presence of mean vorticity couples acoustic and vorticity equations which produces an eigenvalue problem that is not self-adjoint unlike that for irrotational mean flow. In order to determine the amplitude variation along the duct, an adjoint solution for the coupled system of equations is derived. The solution breaks down where a mode changes from cut on to cut off. In this region the amplitude is governed by a form of Airy's equation, and the effect of swirl is to introduce a small shift in the origin of the Airy function away from the turning-point location. The variation of axial wavenumber and amplitude along the duct is calculated. In hard-walled ducts mean swirl is shown to produce much larger amplitude variation along the duct compared with a nonswirling flow. Mean swirl also has a large effect in ducts with finite-impedance walls which differs depending on whether modes are co-rotating with the swirl or counter rotating. © 2001 by A.J. Cooper, Published by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc.

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