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Delayed-decision making in noisy bistable switches

Trotta, L and Bullinger, E and Sepulchre, R (2013) Delayed-decision making in noisy bistable switches. IFAC Proceedings Volumes (IFAC-PapersOnline), 12. pp. 84-88. ISSN 1474-6670

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Bistable switches are frequently encountered in biological systems. Typically, a bistable switch models a binary decision where each decision corresponds to one of the two stable equilibria. Recently, we showed that the global decision-making process in bistable switches strongly depends on a particular equilibrium point of these systems, their saddle point. In particular, we showed that a saddle point with a time-scale separation between its attractive and repulsive directions can delay the decision-making process. In this paper, we study the effects of white Gaussian noise on this mechanism of delayed decision-making induced by the saddle point. Results show that the mean decision-time strongly depends on the balance between the initial distance to the separatrix and the noise strength. © IFAC.

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DOI: 10.3182/20131216-3-IN-2044.00062