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Wave dispersion and power flow analysis of an infinite aerofoil-shaped beam

Costello, HM and Hunt, HEM and Kuo, KA (2013) Wave dispersion and power flow analysis of an infinite aerofoil-shaped beam. 20th International Congress on Sound and Vibration 2013, ICSV 2013, 1. pp. 894-901.

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Classic flutter analysis models an aerofoil as a two degree-of-freedom rigid body supported by linear and torsional springs, which represent the bending and torsional stiffness of the aerofoil section. In this classic flutter model, no energy transfer or dissipation can occur in the span-wise direction of the aerofoil section. However, as the aspect ratio of an aerofoil section increases, this span-wise energy transfer - in the form of travelling waves - becomes important to the overall system dynamics. This paper extends the classic flutter model to include travelling waves in the span-wise direction. Namely, wave dispersion and power flow analysis of an infinite, aerofoil-shaped beam, subject to bending, torsion, tension and a constant wind excitation, is used to investigate the overall system stability. Examples of potential applications for these high aspect ratio aerofoil sections include high-altitude balloon tethers, towed cables, offshore risers and mooring lines.

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