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Synchronization of user-generated videos through trajectory correspondence and a refinement procedure

Shankar, S and Lasenby, J and Kokaram, A (2013) Synchronization of user-generated videos through trajectory correspondence and a refinement procedure. ACM International Conference Proceeding Series.

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Temporal synchronization of multiple video recordings of the same dynamic event is a critical task in many computer vision applications e.g. novel view synthesis and 3D reconstruction. Typically this information is implied through the time-stamp information embedded in the video streams. User-generated videos shot using consumer grade equipment do not contain this information; hence, there is a need to temporally synchronize signals using the visual information itself. Previous work in this area has either assumed good quality data with relatively simple dynamic content or the availability of precise camera geometry. Our first contribution is a synchronization technique which tries to establish correspondence between feature trajectories across views in a novel way, and specifically targets the kind of complex content found in consumer generated sports recordings, without assuming precise knowledge of fundamental matrices or homographies. We evaluate performance using a number of real video recordings and show that our method is able to synchronize to within 1 sec, which is significantly better than previous approaches. Our second contribution is a robust and unsupervised view-invariant activity recognition descriptor that exploits recurrence plot theory on spatial tiles. The descriptor is individually shown to better characterize the activities from different views under occlusions than state-of-the-art approaches. We combine this descriptor with our proposed synchronization method and show that it can further refine the synchronization index. © 2013 ACM.

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DOI: 10.1145/2534008.2534017