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Control of normal shock wave / turbulent boundary-layer interaction using streamwise slots

Smith, AN and Babinsky, H and Fulker, JL and Ashill, PR (2001) Control of normal shock wave / turbulent boundary-layer interaction using streamwise slots. In: UNSPECIFIED.

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The effect of streamwise slots on the interaction of a normal shock wave / turbulent boundary layer has been investigated experimentally at a Mach number of 1.3. The surface pressure distribution for the controlled interaction was found to be significantly smeared, featuring a distinct plateau. This was due to a change in shock structure from a typical unseparated normal shock wave boundary layer interaction to a large bifurcated Lambda type shock pattern. Boundary layer velocity measurements downstream of the slots revealed a strong spanwise variation of boundary layer properties whereas the modified shock structure was relatively twodimensional. Oil flow visualisation indicated that in the presence of slots the boundary layer surface flow was highly three dimensional and confirmed that the effect of slots was mainly due to suction and blowing similar to that for passive control with uniform surface ventilation. Three hole probe measurements confirmed that the boundary layer was three dimensional and that the slots introduced vortical motion into the flowfield. Results indicate that when applied to an aerofoil, the control device has the potential to reduce wave drag while incurring only small viscous penalties. The introduction of streamwise vorticity may also be beneficial to delay trailing edge separation and the device is thought to be capable of postponing buffet onset. © 2001 by A N Smith.

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