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Buffer pellets for high-yield, top-seeded melt growth of large grain Y-Ba-Cu-o superconductors

Devendra Kumar, N and Shi, Y and Zhai, W and Dennis, AR and Durrell, JH and Cardwell, DA (2015) Buffer pellets for high-yield, top-seeded melt growth of large grain Y-Ba-Cu-o superconductors. Crystal Growth and Design, 15. pp. 1472-1480. ISSN 1528-7483

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Single-grain, (RE)-Ba-Cu-O [(RE)BCO)] bulk high-temperature superconductors have significant potential for application as trapped field magnets in a range of engineering devices. However, it is not trivial to fabricate single grains of (RE)BCO due to the complexity of the growth process, especially when the sample diameter exceeds 25 mm. In particular, difficulties associated with the seed crystal can lead to poor grain growth or to complete growth failure. We have employed an optimized buffer technique, which was determined by optimizing targeted critical parameters of the buffer pellet, including the choice of the buffer pellet composition and its aspect ratio, for the reliable fabrication of large, single grains of (RE)BCO. Potential candidates for the buffer pellet composition have been identified to yield successful grain growth and good superconducting properties. The optimum aspect ratio of the buffer pellet was also determined as part of this study. The optimized buffer pellet capped with the seed crystal has been demonstrated to work effectively as an efficient seed crystal and to aid significantly the growth of the Y-123 phase. We show that this optimized buffer technique ameliorates problems associated with both interfacial stress (commonly occurring at the seed/sample interface) and problems of grain contamination. We have fabricated a 40.8 mm diameter single-grain bulk superconductor and more than 25 single-grain YBCO samples with diameters in the range 25-35 mm by a significantly improved top-seeded melt growth process.

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DOI: 10.1021/cg501813y