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Automatic building of a web-like structure based on thermoplastic adhesive.

Leach, D and Wang, L and Reusser, D and Iida, F (2014) Automatic building of a web-like structure based on thermoplastic adhesive. Bioinspir Biomim, 9. 036014-.

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Animals build structures to extend their control over certain aspects of the environment; e.g., orb-weaver spiders build webs to capture prey, etc. Inspired by this behaviour of animals, we attempt to develop robotics technology that allows a robot to automatically builds structures to help it accomplish certain tasks. In this paper we show automatic building of a web-like structure with a robot arm based on thermoplastic adhesive (TPA) material. The material properties of TPA, such as elasticity, adhesiveness, and low melting temperature, make it possible for a robot to form threads across an open space by an extrusion-drawing process and then combine several of these threads into a web-like structure. The problems addressed here are discovering which parameters determine the thickness of a thread and determining how web-like structures may be used for certain tasks. We first present a model for the extrusion and the drawing of TPA threads which also includes the temperature-dependent material properties. The model verification result shows that the increasing relative surface area of the TPA thread as it is drawn thinner increases the heat loss of the thread, and that by controlling how quickly the thread is drawn, a range of diameters can be achieved from 0.2-0.75 mm. We then present a method based on a generalized nonlinear finite element truss model. The model was validated and could predict the deformation of various web-like structures when payloads are added. At the end, we demonstrate automatic building of a web-like structure for payload bearing.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Adhesives Animals Biomimetic Materials Computer Simulation Finite Element Analysis Hot Temperature Materials Testing Models, Chemical Plastics Printing, Three-Dimensional Robotics Silk Spiders Stress, Mechanical Tensile Strength
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