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Unsteady flow evolution through a turning midturbine frame Part 1: Time-resolved flow

Lengani, D and Spataro, R and Paradiso, B and Göttlich, E (2015) Unsteady flow evolution through a turning midturbine frame Part 1: Time-resolved flow. Journal of Propulsion and Power, 31. pp. 1586-1596. ISSN 0748-4658

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© 2015 by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc. All rights reserved. This paper identifies and analyzes the propagation of aerodynamic deterministic stresses through a two-spool counter-rotating transonic facility representative of modern and future turbine aeroengine sections. The test setup consists of a high-pressure stage, a diffusing turning midturbine frame with turning struts, and a counter-rotating low-pressure rotor. The flowfield downstream of the high-pressure stage is strongly influenced by the stator-rotor interaction. Such a mechanism interacts again with the downstream turning midturbine frame leading to a vane- rotor-vane interaction, which affects the behavior of the low-pressure stage. The results presented were obtained using a fast-response aerodynamic pressure probe for unsteady measurements as well as three-dimensional unsteady Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes calculations. The work is presented in two parts. This first part focuses on the explanation of the flow physics that governs the convection of unsteady three-dimensional flow through the midturbine duct. Viscous and inviscid mechanisms are discussed as main drivers for the convection of wakes, secondary vortices, andshocks.The flowfieldin the duct is characterizedbythree superimposedeffects: 1)ductdiffusionandradialpressure gradient together with turning strut potential field, 2) rotor unsteady work source, and 3) vane/blade interaction phenomena. The understanding of these mechanisms will eventually help to control the unsteadiness content in future architectures where reduced engine component length will enhance the interaction effects.

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