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The Eden ecosystem: rebuilding Libya in a global knowledge economy

Barrett, MI (2015) The Eden ecosystem: rebuilding Libya in a global knowledge economy. The Case Centre.

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This case demonstrates key challenges and opportunities faced by Libya and other countries with large reserves of natural resources to diversify through the development of new high tech ecosystems so as to secure a future in the global knowledge economy. A focal issue concerns the appropriate leadership strategies needed to overcome the challenges of building a high tech innovation ecosystem in transitioning to knowledge based economies. A number of factors are discussed including political barriers, human resource development, infrastructure requirements, resource constraints and market development. We explore how key actors attempt to achieve this by creating new networks (both domestic and international) and establishing knowledge strategies so that actors can create and capture value in the ecosystem. The case offers a nice blend of understanding how to envision a digital innovation ecosystem and for developing practical skills in mapping ecosystems. Finally, the case highlights the challenge of developing a digital innovation ecosystem in an uncertain and risky context where there is little history of establishing an entrepreneurial culture.

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