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Conserved Amphipathic Helices Mediate Lipid Droplet Targeting of Perilipins 1-3.

Rowe, ER and Mimmack, ML and Barbosa, AD and Haider, A and Isaac, I and Ouberai, MM and Thiam, AR and Patel, S and Saudek, V and Siniossoglou, S and Savage, DB (2016) Conserved Amphipathic Helices Mediate Lipid Droplet Targeting of Perilipins 1-3. J Biol Chem, 291. pp. 6664-6678.

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Perilipins (PLINs) play a key role in energy storage by orchestrating the activity of lipases on the surface of lipid droplets. Failure of this activity results in severe metabolic disease in humans. Unlike all other lipid droplet-associated proteins, PLINs localize almost exclusively to the phospholipid monolayer surrounding the droplet. To understand how they sense and associate with the unique topology of the droplet surface, we studied the localization of human PLINs inSaccharomyces cerevisiae,demonstrating that the targeting mechanism is highly conserved and that 11-mer repeat regions are sufficient for droplet targeting. Mutations designed to disrupt folding of this region into amphipathic helices (AHs) significantly decreased lipid droplet targetingin vivoandin vitro Finally, we demonstrated a substantial increase in the helicity of this region in the presence of detergent micelles, which was prevented by an AH-disrupting missense mutation. We conclude that highly conserved 11-mer repeat regions of PLINs target lipid droplets by folding into AHs on the droplet surface, thus enabling PLINs to regulate the interface between the hydrophobic lipid core and its surrounding hydrophilic environment.

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