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Supersoft elasticity in polydomain nematic elastomers.

Biggins, JS and Warner, M and Bhattacharya, K (2009) Supersoft elasticity in polydomain nematic elastomers. Phys Rev Lett, 103. 037802-. ISSN 0031-9007

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We consider the equilibrium stress-strain behavior of polydomain liquid crystal elastomers (PLCEs). We show that there is a fundamental difference between PLCEs cross-linked in the high temperature isotropic and low temperature aligned states. PLCEs cross-linked in the isotropic state then cooled to an aligned state will exhibit extremely soft elasticity (confirmed by recent experiments) and ordered director patterns characteristic of textured deformations. PLCEs cross-linked in the aligned state will be mechanically much harder and characterized by disclination textures.

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