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Revisiting the Local Structure in Ge-Sb-Te based Chalcogenide Superlattices.

Casarin, B and Caretta, A and Momand, J and Kooi, BJ and Verheijen, MA and Bragaglia, V and Calarco, R and Chukalina, M and Yu, X and Robertson, J and Lange, FRL and Wuttig, M and Redaelli, A and Varesi, E and Parmigiani, F and Malvestuto, M (2016) Revisiting the Local Structure in Ge-Sb-Te based Chalcogenide Superlattices. Sci Rep, 6. 22353-.

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The technological success of phase-change materials in the field of data storage and functional systems stems from their distinctive electronic and structural peculiarities on the nanoscale. Recently, superlattice structures have been demonstrated to dramatically improve the optical and electrical performances of these chalcogenide based phase-change materials. In this perspective, unravelling the atomistic structure that originates the improvements in switching time and switching energy is paramount in order to design nanoscale structures with even enhanced functional properties. This study reveals a high- resolution atomistic insight of the [GeTe/Sb2Te3] interfacial structure by means of Extended X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure spectroscopy and Transmission Electron Microscopy. Based on our results we propose a consistent novel structure for this kind of chalcogenide superlattices.

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