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Operational research on a high-T<inf>c</inf>rectifier-type superconducting flux pump

Geng, J and Matsuda, K and Fu, L and Shen, B and Zhang, X and Coombs, TA (2016) Operational research on a high-T<inf>c</inf>rectifier-type superconducting flux pump. Superconductor Science and Technology, 29. ISSN 0953-2048

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© 2016 IOP Publishing Ltd. High-T c superconducting (HTS) flux pumps are capable of injecting flux into a superconducting circuit, which can achieve persistent current operation for HTS magnets. In this paper, we studied the operation of a rectifier-type HTS flux pump. The flux pump employs a transformer to generate high alternating current in its secondary winding, which is connected to an HTS load shorted by an HTS bridge. A high frequency ac field is intermittently applied perpendicular to the bridge, thus, generating flux flow. The dynamic resistance caused by the flux flow 'rectifies' the secondary current, resulting in a direct current in the load. We have found that the final load current can easily be controlled by changing the phase difference between the secondary current and the bridge field. The bridge field of frequency ranging from 10 to 40 Hz and magnitude ranging from 0 to 0.66 T was tested. Flux pumping was observed for field magnitudes of 50 mT or above. We have found that both higher field magnitude and higher field frequency result in a faster pumping speed and a higher final load current. This can be attributed to the influence of dynamic resistance. The dynamic resistance measured in the flux pump is comparable with the theoretical calculation. The experimental results fully support a first order circuit model. The flux pump is much more controllable than the traveling wave flux pumps based on permanent magnets, which makes it promising for practical use.

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