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Unstructured nearest wall distance solver

Tucker, PG (2011) Unstructured nearest wall distance solver.

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Expensive to compute wall distances are used in key turbulence models and also for the modeling of peripheral physics. A potentially economical, robust, readily parallel processed, accuracy improving, differential equation based distance program was written. . It is hybrid, partly utilising an approximate Poisson equation. This also allows auxiliary front propagation direction/velocity information to be estimated, effectively giving wall normals. The Poisson normal can be used fully, in an approximate solution of the eikonal equation (the exact differential equation for wall distance). Alternatively, a weighted fraction of this Poisson front direction (effectively, front velocity, in terms of the eikonal equation input) information and that implied by the eikonal equation can be used. Either results in a hybrid Poisson-eikonal wall distance algorithm. To improve compatibility of wall distance functions with turbulence physics a Laplacian is added to the eikonal equation. This gives what is termed a Hamilton-Jacobi equation. This hybrid Poisson-Hamilton-Jacobi approach is found to be robust on poor quality grids. The robustness largely results from the elliptic background presence of the Poisson equation. This elliptic component prevents fronts propagated from solid surfaces, by the hyperbolic eikonal equation element, reflecting off zones of rapidly changing grid density. Where this reflection (due to poor grid quality) is extreme, the transition of front velocity information from the Poisson to Hamilton-Jacobi equation can be done more gradually. Consistent with turbulence modeling physics, under user control, the hybrid equation can overestimate the distance function strongly around convex surfaces and underestimate it around concave. If the former trait is not desired the current approach is amenable to zonalisation. With this, the Poisson element is automatically removed around convex geometry zones.

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