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Uniform magnetic field mapping with HTS Coils: Conceptual design and optimization

Zhang, H and Geng, J and Shen, B and Zhang, X and Baghdadi, M and Coombs, TA (2016) Uniform magnetic field mapping with HTS Coils: Conceptual design and optimization. IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, 26. ISSN 1051-8223

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© 2002-2011 IEEE. High critical current densities, high critical magnetic fields, improved mechanical properties, and high operating temperatures have made the application of 2G higherature superconductors (HTSs) in high field magnets attractive. However, the magnet technology of HTS conductors has not been well developed, both in its technology problems and applications. In this paper, a novel configuration of mapping uniform magnetic field using HTS coils is conceptually designed. The configuration is a tube with a rectangular cross section using two groups of HTS coils to cancel out and produce uniform field in the middle. This design can be used as an MRI magnet or for an accelerator. The HTS coils are connected in series to two dc sources and are individually scaled to produce magnetic field of various magnitude on the region of interest (ROI). A genetic algorithm (GA) and a proposed field correction algorithm are used to optimize the uniformity by manipulating the field produced by each magnet in this magnet system.

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