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Static and dynamic properties of semi-crystalline polyethylene

Xu, MM and Huang, GY and Feng, SS and McShane, GJ and Stronge, WJ (2016) Static and dynamic properties of semi-crystalline polyethylene. Polymers, 8.

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© 2016 by the authors. Properties of extruded polymers are strongly affected by molecular structure. For two different semi-crystalline polymers, low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), this investigation measures the elastic modulus, plastic flow stress and strain-rate dependence of yield stress. Also, it examines the effect of molecular structure on post-necking tensile fracture. The static and dynamic material tests reveal that extruded UHMWPE has a somewhat larger yield stress and much larger strain to failure than LDPE. For both types of polyethylene, the strain at tensile failure decreases with increasing strain-rate. For strain-rates 0.001-3400 s -1 , the yield stress variation is accurately represented by the Cowper-Symonds equation. These results indicate that, at high strain rates, UHMWPE is more energy absorbent than LDPE as a result of its long chain molecular structure with few branches.

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