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Vortical structures on three-dimensional shock control bumps

Colliss, SP and Babinsky, H and Nöbler, K and Lutz, T (2016) Vortical structures on three-dimensional shock control bumps. Journal of Aircraft, 53. pp. 2338-2350. ISSN 0021-8669

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© Copyright 2015 by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc. All rights reserved. Three-dimensional shock control bumps have long been investigated for their promising wave drag reduction capability. However, a recently emerging application has been their deployment as "smart" vortex generators, which offset the parasitic drag of their vortices against their wave drag reduction. It is known that three-dimensional shock control bumps produce streamwise vortices under most operating conditions; however, there have been very few investigations that have aimed to specifically examine the relevant flow structures. In particular, the strength of the vortices produced as well as the factors influencing their production are not well known. This paper uses a joint experimental and computational approach to test three different shock control bump shapes, categorizing their flow structures. Four common key vortical structures are observed, predominantly shear flows, although all bumps also produce a streamwise vortex pair. Both cases with and without flow separation on the bump tails are scrutinized. Finally, correlations between the strength of the main wake vortices and pressure gradients at various locations on the bumps are assessed to investigate which parts of the flow control the vortex formation. Spanwise flows on the bump ramp are seen to be the most influential factor in vortex strength.

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