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Towards a Graphene-Based Low Intensity Photon Counting Photodetector.

Williams, JOD and Alexander-Webber, JA and Lapington, JS and Roy, M and Hutchinson, IB and Sagade, AA and Martin, M-B and Braeuninger-Weimer, P and Cabrero-Vilatela, A and Wang, R and De Luca, A and Udrea, F and Hofmann, S (2016) Towards a Graphene-Based Low Intensity Photon Counting Photodetector. Sensors (Basel), 16.

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Graphene is a highly promising material in the development of new photodetector technologies, in particular due its tunable optoelectronic properties, high mobilities and fast relaxation times coupled to its atomic thinness and other unique electrical, thermal and mechanical properties. Optoelectronic applications and graphene-based photodetector technology are still in their infancy, but with a range of device integration and manufacturing approaches emerging this field is progressing quickly. In this review we explore the potential of graphene in the context of existing single photon counting technologies by comparing their performance to simulations of graphene-based single photon counting and low photon intensity photodetection technologies operating in the visible, terahertz and X-ray energy regimes. We highlight the theoretical predictions and current graphene manufacturing processes for these detectors. We show initial experimental implementations and discuss the key challenges and next steps in the development of these technologies.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: X-ray cryogenic graphene photodetector single photon terahertz visible
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