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Strong structural controllability of networks

Monshizadeh, N (2015) Strong structural controllability of networks. Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences, 462. pp. 183-197. ISSN 0170-8643

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© Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2015. In this chapter, we discuss strong structural controllability and strong targeted controllability of networks from a unified viewpoint. The problem of strong structural controllability accounts for controllability of the whole family of matrices carrying the structure of an underlying graph. By looking into a certain infection process identified by a coloring rule, topological characterizations for strong structural properties of the network is provided. In particular, the strong structurally reachable subspace is translated into the derived set of a given leader set. Moreover, the set of leaders rendering the network strongly structurally controllable are characterized by zero forcing sets. Then, the minimum number of leaders to achieve strong structural controllability is given by the zero forcing number of the graph. Motivated by the fact that network controllability is neither always feasible nor necessary, we discuss the problem of (strong) targeted controllability where controllability is only required for a subset of the nodes in the network.We illustrate graph theoretic sufficient conditions guaranteeing strong targeted controllability of the network.

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