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Hybrid Nanowire Ion-to-Electron Transducers for Integrated Bioelectronic Circuitry

Carrad, DJ and Mostert, AB and Ullah, AR and Burke, AM and Joyce, HJ and Tan, HH and Jagadish, C and Krogstrup, P and Nygård, J and Meredith, P and Micolich, AP (2016) Hybrid Nanowire Ion-to-Electron Transducers for Integrated Bioelectronic Circuitry. Nano Letters, 17. pp. 827-833.

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A key task in the emerging field of bioelectronics is the transduction between ionic/protonic and electronic signals at high fidelity. This is a considerable challenge since the two carrier types exhibit intrinsically different physics and are best supported by very different materials typeselectronic signals in inorganic semiconductors and ionic/protonic signals in organic or bio-organic polymers, gels, or electrolytes. Here we demonstrate a new class of organic−inorganic transducing interface featuring semiconducting nanowires electrostatically gated using a solid proton-transporting hygroscopic polymer. This model platform allows us to study the basic transducing mechanisms as well as deliver high fidelity signal conversion by tapping into and drawing together the best candidates from traditionally disparate realms of electronic materials research. By combining complementary $n$- and $p$-type transducers we demonstrate functional logic with significant potential for scaling toward high-density integrated bioelectronic circuitry.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: III−V nanowires bioelectronics hybrid organic/inorganic electronics proton-to-electron transduction
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