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An information theoretical approach for molecular communication

Atakan, BS and Akan, OB (2007) An information theoretical approach for molecular communication. In: UNSPECIFIED pp. 33-40..

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Molecular communication is a novel communication paradigm which allows nanomachines to communicate using molecules as a carrier. Controlled molecule delivery between two nanomachines is one of the most important challenges which must be addressed to enable the molecular communication. Therefore, it is essential to develop an information theoretical approach to find out molecule delivery capacity of the molecular channel. In this paper, we develop an information theoretical approach for capacity of a molecular channel between two nanomachines. We first introduce a molecular communication model. Then, using the principles of mass action kinetics we give a molecule delivery model for the molecular communication between two nanomachines called as Transmitter Nanomachine (TN) and Receiver Nanomachine (RN). Then, we derive a closed form expression for capacity of the channel between TN and RN. Numerical results show that selecting appropriate molecular communication parameters such as temperature of environment, concentration of emitted molecules, distance between nanomachines and duration of molecule emission, it can be possible to achieve maximum capacity for the molecular communication channel between two nanomachines. © 2007 ICST.

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