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Manifestation of particle morphology on the mechanical behaviour of granular ensembles

Kandasami, RK and Murthy, TG (2017) Manifestation of particle morphology on the mechanical behaviour of granular ensembles. Granular Matter, 19. ISSN 1434-5021

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This paper presents the effect of particle morphology (grain shape) on the mechanical response of granular materials. Two model systems with extreme differences in morphology were selected (spherical glass ballotini and angular sand) for this experimental programme. A series of hollow cylinder torsion tests were conducted in this programme under monotonic drained conditions on specimens reconstituted to the same relative density. Tests were conducted under different intermediate principal stress ratio (b) on both the model materials. The glass ballotini shows increased dilation at the outset of the test, however, at large strains, the particle rearrangement in the sand and the increased interlocking leads to higher strength at the critical state. The effect of individual particle morphology is manifested in both the increased friction angle and a larger sized failure locus in stress space with increase in angularity. The stresses developed in these two model materials are also accompanied by intriguing volume change behaviour. The glass ballotini despite a lower strength presents a predominantly dilative response immaterial of the ‘b’ value, while the angular sand shows increased strength at large strains, while showing a contractive response. These results allow incorporation of particle morphology effects at the ensemble level in plasticity based constitutive models.

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DOI: 10.1007/s10035-017-0703-z