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Magnetospectroscopy of excited states in charge-tunable GaAs/AlGaAs [111] quantum dots

Durnev, MV and Vidal, M and Bouet, L and Amand, T and Glazov, MM and Ivchenko, EL and Zhou, P and Wang, G and Mano, T and Ha, N and Kuroda, T and Marie, X and Sakoda, K and Urbaszek, B (2016) Magnetospectroscopy of excited states in charge-tunable GaAs/AlGaAs [111] quantum dots. Physical Review B, 93. ISSN 2469-9950

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© 2016 American Physical Society. We present a combined experimental and theoretical study of highly charged and excited electron-hole complexes in strain-free (111) GaAs/AlGaAs quantum dots grown by droplet epitaxy. We address the complexes with one of the charge carriers residing in the excited state, namely, the "hot" trions X-∗ and X+∗, and the doubly negatively charged exciton X2-. Our magnetophotoluminescence experiments performed on single quantum dots in the Faraday geometry uncover characteristic emission patterns for each excited electron-hole complex, which are very different from the photoluminescence spectra observed in (001)-grown quantum dots. We present a detailed theory of the fine structure and magnetophotoluminescence spectra of X-∗,X+∗, and X2- complexes, governed by the interplay between the electron-hole Coulomb exchange interaction and the heavy-hole mixing, characteristic for these quantum dots with a trigonal symmetry. Comparison between experiment and theory allows for precise charge state identification, as well as extraction of electron-hole exchange interaction constants and g factors for the charge carriers occupying excited states.

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