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Impact of High-velocity Granular Media on Inclined Targets

Goel, A and Deshpande, VS (2017) Impact of High-velocity Granular Media on Inclined Targets. In: UNSPECIFIED pp. 41-48..

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The response of dry and water saturated sand slugs impacting normally oriented and inclined rigid-stationary targets with four different surface coatings is measured with an emphasis on the quantification of the momentum transmitted from the slugs into the targets. The targets were coated with Alumina, PTFE, Aluminium or sand-paper layers in order to investigate the effect of varying surface hardness and surface roughness. In all the cases, the fraction of the slug momentum transferred into the target was equal for dry and water saturated sand slugs and also independent of the slug velocity over the range 73 ms - 137 ms that is investigated here. For normal impacts, the surface coatings had no measurable influence on the momentum transfer into the targets and this was attributed to the symmetry of the impact event. However, the break of symmetry in the inclined impact cases resulted in two non-zero components of the net transmitted momentum into the targets and a strong influence of the surface coatings. This is attributed to friction between the sand particles and the target surface with the resultant transmitted momentum increasing in the order Alumina to PTFE to Aluminium to sand-paper surface coatings. This study demonstrates the key role of surface properties in governing transmitted momentum in granular impacts. -1 -1

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DOI: 10.1016/j.proeng.2016.12.018