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Quantum-Dot-Based Telecommunication-Wavelength Quantum Relay

Huwer, J and Stevenson, RM and Skiba-Szymanska, J and Ward, MB and Shields, AJ and Felle, M and Farrer, I and Ritchie, DA and Penty, RV (2017) Quantum-Dot-Based Telecommunication-Wavelength Quantum Relay. PHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED, 8. 024007-. ISSN 2331-7019

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The development of quantum relays for long haul and attack-proof quantum communication networks operating with weak coherent laser pulses requires entangled photon sources at telecommunication wavelengths with intrinsic single-photon emission for most practical implementations. Using a semiconductor quantum dot emitting entangled photon pairs in the telecom O-band, we demonstrate for the first time a quantum relay fulfilling both of these conditions. The system achieves a maximum fidelity of 94.5 % for implementation of a standard 4-state protocol with input states generated by a laser. We further investigate robustness against frequency detuning of the narrow-band input and perform process tomography of the teleporter, revealing operation for arbitrary pure input states, with an average gate fidelity of 83.6 %. The results highlight the potential of semiconductor light sources for compact and robust quantum relay technology, compatible with existing communication infrastructures.

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