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Oscillation of Flexible Tubes - High Speed Video of Onset

Gregory, A and Agarwal, A Oscillation of Flexible Tubes - High Speed Video of Onset. (Unpublished)

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These experiments provide a detailed record of the oscillation of flexible rubber tubes as air flows through them. The tubes are mounted in an experimental rig illustrated in the text file "Oscillation of Flexible Tubes - High Speed Video of Onset.txt" The suction is gradually increased until the flexible tube just starts to oscillate, at which point high speed video is recorded of the tube from 2 cameras, and pressure recordings are made up and downstream of the tube. The pressure recordings and cameras are all triggered at the same time for simultaneous results. The average flow rate is also recorded from a rotameter at the inflow. Pressures are measured relative to the external atmospheric pressure. The flexible tubes are held in place under a prescribed axial strain. For each experimental run we have pressure traces and high speed video, the formats of which are given in "Oscillation of Flexible Tubes - High Speed Video of Onset.txt". Numerical data is stored in a csv file called "runX_numericdata.csv" containing 11 rows. The first column of the csv file contains the labels of the data, and the remaining columns contain the data itself. The order of the rows is as shown in the above table. The video and image files are named "runX_video1.avi", "runX_video2.avi", "runX_unstrainedtube_camera1.tiff", "runX_unstrainedtube_camera2.tiff", "runX_calimageY_camera1.tiff", and "runX_calimageY_camera2.tiff", where X is the run number, and Y is the calibration image number. These imaging files are compressed into a zip file called "". Hence for each run there are 2 files: runX_numericdata.csv which contain all of the experimental data. In addition there is a summary csv file called "run_summary.csv" which replicates some of the data already stored in the individual run files, but in a more accessible format. The data for these experiments was collected in April 2016 in the Acoustics Laboratory in Cambridge University Engineering Department (

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Starling Resistor Fluid Structure Interaction Flexible Tube Stereoscopic Reconstruction
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DOI: doi:10.17863/CAM.10363