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Compositional inhomogeneities as a source of indirect combustion noise

Magri, L and O'Brien, J and Ihme, M (2016) Compositional inhomogeneities as a source of indirect combustion noise. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 799.

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© 2016 Cambridge University Press. The generation of indirect combustion noise by compositional inhomogeneities is examined theoretically. For this, the compact-nozzle theory of Marble & Candel (J.Sound Vib., vol.55 (2), 1977, pp.225-243) is extended to a multi-component gas mixture, and the chemical potential function is introduced as an additional acoustic source mechanism. Transfer functions for subcritical and supercritical nozzle flows are derived, and the contribution of compositional noise is compared to entropy noise and direct noise by considering an idealized nozzle downstream of the combustor exit. It is shown that compositional noise is dependent on the local mixture composition and can exceed entropy noise for fuel-lean conditions and supercritical nozzle flows. This suggests that the compositional indirect noise requires potential consideration with the implementation of low-emission combustors.

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