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Ahmad, BI and Langdon, PM and Godsill, SJ and Donkor, R and Wilde, R and Skrypchuk, L (2016) You do not have to touch to select: A study on predictive in-car touchscreen with mid-air selection. In: UNSPECIFIED pp. 113-120..

Ahmad, BI and Murphy, JK and Langdon, PM and Godsill, SJ (2016) Bayesian Intent Prediction in Object Tracking Using Bridging Distributions. IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics.

Ahmad, BI and Murphy, JK and Langdon, PM and Godsill, SJ (2016) Bayesian Intent Prediction in Object Tracking Using Bridging Distributions. IEEE Trans Cybern.

Ahmad, BI and Murphy, JK and Langdon, PM and Godsill, SJ (2016) Predictive pointing from automotive to inclusive design. In: UNSPECIFIED pp. 527-537..

Ahmad, BI and Murphy, JK and Langdon, PM and Godsill, SJ and Hardy, R and Skrypchuk, L (2016) Intent Inference for Hand Pointing Gesture-Based Interactions in Vehicles. IEEE Trans Cybern, 46. pp. 878-889.

Almalki, A and Namburi, DK and Ba-Abbad, M and Dennis, AR and Huang, KY and Almutairi, AA and Durrell, JH and Cardwell, DA (2016) Processing and Properties of Bar-Shaped Single-Seeded and Multi-Seeded YBCO Bulk Superconductors by a Top-Seeded Melt Growth Technique. Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism. pp. 1-7.


Bonner, O and Beardsall, K and Crilly, N and Lasenby, J (2016) 'There were more wires than him': the potential for wireless patient monitoring in neonatal intensive care. BMJ Innov, 3. pp. 12-18. ISSN 2055-642X

Bradley, M and Langdon, PM and John Clarkson, P (2016) An inclusive design perspective on automotive HMI trends. In: UNSPECIFIED pp. 548-555..

Buchner, H and Helwani, K and Ahmad, BI and Godsill, S (2016) Efficient adaptive filtering in compressive domains for sparse systems and relation to transform-domain adaptive filtering. In: 42th International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP 2017), -- to -- pp. 3859-3863..


Campbell, A and Baghdadi, M and Patel, A and Zhou, D and Huang, KY and Shi, Y and Coombs, T (2016) Demagnetisation by crossed fields in superconductors. Superconductor Science and Technology, 30.

Chen, CC and Crilly, N (2016) Describing complex design practices with a cross-domain framework: learning from Synthetic Biology and Swarm Robotics. Research in Engineering Design, 27. pp. 291-305. ISSN 0934-9839

Chen, HLX and Ball, N and Moullec, ML and Clarkson, PJ (2016) Improving design resource management using Bayesian network embedded in task network method. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Chen, J-Y and Chiou, W-K and Chou, W-Y and Lin, J-D (2016) The impact of type 2 diabetes mellitus on mortality in hospitalized female cancer patients in Taiwan. Asia Pac J Clin Oncol, 12. e75-e81.

Chou, W-Y and Waszynski, C and Kessler, J and Chiang, Y-C and Clarkson, PJ (2016) Using positive images to manage resistance-to-care and combative behaviors in nursing home residents with dementia: A pilot study. Geriatr Nurs, 37. pp. 215-220.

Clarkson, PJ (2016) Cambridge Engineering Design Centre. Engineering Design Centre, Cambridge.

Clarkson, PJ and Ward, JR and Berman, J and Buckle, P and Lim, R (2016) Prospective Hazard Analysis. Technical Report. Engineering Department, Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK.

Comer, AL and Kipouros, T and Cant, RS (2016) Multi-objective numerical investigation of a generic airblast injector design. Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, 138.


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Demange, J and Mark Savill, A and Kipouros, T (2016) A multifidelity multiobjective optimization framework for high-lift airfoils. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Di Pasquale, D and Gore, D and Savill, M and Kipouros, T and Holden, C (2016) Cost modelling for aircraft in a multi-disciplinary design context. In: UNSPECIFIED pp. 471-476..

da Silva, O and Crilly, N and Hekkert, P (2016) Maximum effect for minimum means: The aesthetics of efficiency. Design Issues, 32. pp. 41-51. ISSN 0747-9360


Early, F and Wellwood, I and Kuhn, I and Dickerson, T and Ward, JR and Brimicombe, J and Deaton, C and Fuld, J (2016) Interventions to increase referral to and uptake of Pulmonary Rehabilitation programmes for people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): A systematic review.


Garcia-Garzon, E and Zhukovsky, P and Haller, E and Plakolm, S and Fink, D and Petrova, D and Mahalingam, V and Menezes, IG and Ruggeri, K (2016) Multilevel Modeling and Policy Development: Guidelines and Applications to Medical Travel. Front Psychol, 7. 752-. ISSN 1664-1078

Gomez, J and Langdon, PM and John Clarkson, P (2016) Navigating the workplace environment as a visually impaired person. In: UNSPECIFIED pp. 566-576..

Goodman-Deane, J and Mieczakowski, A and Johnson, D and Goldhaber, T and Clarkson, PJ (2016) The impact of communication technologies on life and relationship satisfaction. Computers in Human Behavior, 57. pp. 219-229. ISSN 0747-5632

Goodman-Deane, J and Waller, S and Bradley, M and Yoxall, A and Wiggins, D and Clarkson, PJ (2016) Designing Inclusive Packaging. In: Integrating the Packaging and Product Experience in Food and Beverages: A Road-Map to Consumer Satisfaction. UNSPECIFIED, pp. 37-57.

Goodman-Deane, J and Waller, S and Latham, K and Price, H and Tenneti, R and Clarkson, PJ (2016) Differences in vision performance in different scenarios and implications for design. Appl Ergon, 55. pp. 149-155.

Gu, X and Zhang, Y and Sun, W and Bian, Y and Zhou, D and Kristensson, PO (2016) Dexmo: An inexpensive and lightweight mechanical exoskeleton for motion capture and force feedback in VR. In: UNSPECIFIED pp. 1991-1995..


Hassannezhad, M and Montagna, F (2016) An empirical investigation on modelling of socio-technical uncertainty levels to support design process planning. In: UNSPECIFIED pp. 1875-1884..

Hinrichs-Krapels, S and Bussmann, S and Dobyns, C and Kácha, O and Ratzmann, N and Holm Thorvaldsen, J and Ruggeri, K (2016) Key Considerations for an Economic and Legal Framework Facilitating Medical Travel. Front Public Health, 4. 47-. ISSN 2296-2565


Jeon, M and Politis, I and Shladover, SE and Sutter, C and Terken, JMB and Poppinga, B (2016) Towards life-long mobility: Accessible transportation with automation. In: UNSPECIFIED pp. 203-208..

Jones, NR and Eastwood, JP and Jarrett, JP (2016) Adapting Three-Dimensional Shock Control Bumps for Swept Flows. AIAA Journal, 55. pp. 861-873.

Ju, Y and Qin, R and Kipouros, T and Parks, G and Zhang, C (2016) A high-dimensional design optimisation method for centrifugal impellers. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part A: Journal of Power and Energy, 230. pp. 272-288. ISSN 0957-6509


Karam, M and Langdon, PM (2016) Evaluating somatosensory interactions: Designing a handheld tactile acoustic device for mobile phones. In: UNSPECIFIED pp. 23-31..

Kaya, GK and Canbaz, HT and Ward, J and Clarkson, PJ (2016) Evaluation of risk management practices: data analysis of NHS England hospitals. In: Global Joint Conference on Industrial Engineering and Its Application Areas, 2016-7-14 to 2016-7-15, istanbul pp. 483-489..

Kaya, GK and Canbaz, HTK and Simsekler, MCE and Ward, J and Clarkson, PJ (2016) Risk management in hospital settings: understanding and improving the current practice. In: Global Joint Conference on Industrial Engineering and Its Application Areas, 2016-7-14 to 2016-5-15, Istanbul pp. 83-90..

Kipouros, T and Isaksson, O (2016) Visual analytics for evaluation of value impact in engineering design. In: UNSPECIFIED pp. 6461-6470..

Komashie, A and Clarkson, PJ (2016) Can diagrams help improve healthcare systems design and care delivery? In: UNSPECIFIED pp. 1885-1894..

Kunur, M and Langdon, PM and Bradley, MD and Bichard, JA and Glazer, E and Doran, F and Clarkson, PJ and Loeillet, JJ (2016) Reducing Exclusion in Future Cars Using Personas with Visual Narratives and Design Anthropology. In: Designing Around People. Springer, p. 269.

Kácha, O and Kovács, BE and McCarthy, C and Schuurmans, AAT and Dobyns, C and Haller, E and Hinrichs, S and Ruggeri, K (2016) An Approach to Establishing International Quality Standards for Medical Travel. Front Public Health, 4. 29-. ISSN 2296-2565


Langdon, P and Lazar, J and Heylighen, A and Dong, H (2016) Designing Around People CWUAAT 2016. Springer, -.

Leite De Vasconcelos, LA and Crilly, N and Chen, C-C and Campos, F and Kelner, J (2016) What’s the benefit of problem exploration? In: International Design Conference, 2016-5-16 to 2016-5-19, Cavtat, Dubrovnik, Croatia pp. 89-98..

Loxham, J and Kipouros, T and Savill, AM (2016) Towards uncertainty quantification and management in multi-disciplinary design optimisation. In: UNSPECIFIED pp. 885-892..


Maguire, A and Schmitz, S and Kuhn, I and Haller, E and Khan, A and Cook, G and O'Dwyer, M and Walsh, C and Ruggeri, K (2016) UPDATED RESULTS OF A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW OF THE RELATIVE EFFECTIVENESS OF TREATMENTS IN RELAPSED/REFRACTORY MULTIPLE MYELOMA. In: UNSPECIFIED p. 538..

Maguire, Á and Bussmann, S and Meier zu Köcker, C and Verra, SE and Giurgi, LA and Ruggeri, K (2016) Raising concern about the information provided on medical travel agency websites: A place for policy. Health Policy and Technology, 5. pp. 414-422. ISSN 2211-8837

Maier, JF and Eckert, CM and Clarkson, PJ (2016) Model granularity and related concepts. In: UNSPECIFIED pp. 1327-1336..

Maier, JF and Eckert, CM and Clarkson, PJ (2016) Model granularity in engineering design – concepts and framework. Design Science, 3.

Masood, T and McFarlane, D and Parlikad, AK and Dora, J and Ellis, A and Schooling, J (2016) Towards the future-proofing of UK infrastructure. Infrastructure Asset Management, 3. pp. 28-41. ISSN 2053-0242

Masood, T and Mcfarlane, DC and Schooling, J and Fielding, A and Downes, J (2016) Future-proofing assessment of infrastructure assets. In: UNSPECIFIED pp. 621-626..

Masood, T and Yilmaz, G and Mcfarlane, DC and Parlikad, AK and Harwood, K and Dunn, R (2016) Information future-proofing assessment for infrastructure assets. In: UNSPECIFIED pp. 557-562..

Mazlan, NM and Savill, M and Kipouros, T (2016) Evaluating NO<inf>x</inf>and CO emissions of bio-SPK fuel using a simplified engine combustion model: A preliminary study towards sustainable environment. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part G: Journal of Aerospace Engineering, 231. pp. 859-865. ISSN 0954-4100

McCall, R and Baumann, M and Politis, I and Borojeni, SS and Alvarez, I and Mirnig, A and Meschtscherjakov, A and Tscheligi, M and Chuang, L and Terken, J (2016) 1st workshop on situational awareness in semi-Automated vehicles. In: UNSPECIFIED pp. 233-236..

Menezes, IG and Duran, VR and Mendonça Filho, EJ and Veloso, TJ and Sarmento, SMS and Paget, CL and Ruggeri, K (2016) Policy Implications of Achievement Testing Using Multilevel Models: The Case of Brazilian Elementary Schools. Front Psychol, 7. 1727-. ISSN 1664-1078

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